Hello world!

Well not really… A blog at this address has existed for a really long time. Some of the first posts were way back in 2003 when WordPress was first introduced. (Actually some may have gone back to 1999 because of importing from Blogger.) In 2008, I started Justin Acuff Photography and had two sites https://www.justinacuffphotography.com/ and https://www.justinacuff.com/. The justinacuffphotography.com site ran WordPress and the ProPhoto theme. The justinacuff.com website was still photography focused, but it was all about the business side. I had two iterations. One was a Flash Based template from BluDomain and the other was a Flash Based template from IntoTheDarkRoom (seems like ITDR has gone out of business and left a lot of customers mad).

When we moved from Knoxville, TN to Searcy, AR I closed out the photography business but the websites stayed active for a little while longer. ProPhoto5 was the last version I purchased. ProPhoto now seems to have moved away from selling the theme for self-hosted sites and only selling a subscription and including hosting by them. Thankfully, knowing problems with Adobe Flash when not kept up to date, I had changed the justinacuff.com website to be a mirror of the justinacuffphotography.com website a while back.

Fast forward a few more years to 2022 (the day of this post). Last night I started receiving notifications that files in an outdated WordPress theme had been changed and were being used to Phish for people’s LinkedIn account information. Rather than try to fix and sanitize every file touched in the attack, I made the rather easy decision to just wipe it all and start over. Now all domains are mirroring justinacuff.net. The database is brand new and using a modern schema. User security has also been modernized and hardened. Sure, there were lots of good hiking posts and photography posts among the various blogs that are now lost forever, but oh well. Hello world v2.0!