Contemporary Art Photography Assignment 1

In addition to doing make up course work for an incomplete I took a couple of years ago, I am taking some photography classes. After hearing Jon talk about the Photography Certificate offered through UT as a non-credit program, I looked at it and thought it would be kind of cool to take that. By the time I started to register, the required Fundamentals class was full. From the sounds of it, I am already pretty comfortable with the topics and techniques that is covered, but I’ll still have to take it to do the Photography Certificate. Since that class was full and the Certificate program requires 5 electives, I looked over the possible electives and selected the ones that are most interesting, most applicable, or most challenging. Not all electives are taught each quarter, so these might change if I can’t enroll in them because they are full. (Since it won’t be a last minute decision, I should be able to register for them.) The electives that I want to take are Portrait Photography, Lighting Essentials, Wedding Photography, Nature and Travel Photography, and Contemporary Art Photography. Portrait, Lighting, and Wedding are the practical electives. Nature and Travel is the one that I probably enjoy the most. (I am registered for it this quarter, but it doesn’t start until March.) Contemporary Art is the one that should be the most challenging. I thought about taking the Sports or Photoshop classes, but decided to go with Contemporary Art since 1) I could register for it this term and 2) hopefully it will help me improve on the artistic aspect.

Since I registered the day after classes started, I had missed the first class and assignment. That was also the day of the crazy ice storm so several other people missed it as well. The second class was just a review of the first class and she postponed the due date for the assignment until last night. The assignment was as follows:

Pick two:
1) Photographic “flatness” creates relationships between things that did not exist before. Select a scene a photograph it form different vantage points to create different relationships between the subjects.
2) Focus can produce a hierarchy of importance in a photograph by creating one plane of focus which seperates the main subject from the remaining content. Take a series of photographs that explore this use of focus.
3) There are two people on the street. They are completely unlrelated, but they happen at one instant to be next to each other. By taking a photograph of them in the same frame a relationship is created. Produce two or more images exploring this.
4) Explore the notion of time in photographs. Find a scene which includes movement and take photographs of increasingly longer duration, ranging from 1/1000th of a second to minutes. About five or six photos in all.

Since I had been sick, I really didn’t get to get out much. Even though she said two, I went for three. The following images are what I showed in class. They are a mixture of images that I shot specifically for this assignment and previous images that I thought would qualify as examples.

Assignment 1

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