Are we afraid of silence? What happens when we just stop and listen to encounter God? That was the theme of the fall retreat for the youth group. Instead of a lot of free time like most retreats have, there was a lot of quiet time. A couple of the quiet time sessions were guided by a couple of question sheets that the students were to journal there thoughts down. Another session, the kids were free to journal whatever was on their mind.
Group Shot... What you don't know is that in 10 seconds I had to run up the hill with a 15% grade and sit down like I was already in the shot.
The retreat was held at Camp Smokey Christian. This was a depart from the usually og CLabin Lodge in Dandridge. Over the past couple of years, things have gotten progressively worse at the Log Cabin Lodge. Last year several of the girls’ rooms had mold. Camp Smokey Christian actually was a decent place. First off, its really close to the Smokey Mountains (about 10 minutes away from Greenbrier). It’s really near the Arts Community just outside Gatlinburg. Being an adult chaperone usually means that you are going to be helping out in two things… cooking and cleaning. What makes Camp Smokey Christian so good is that you don’t have to do either. Now I’ve gone to places that cooked for you, but this place said that we didn’t have to clean. All we had to do was make sure the big trash gets put away and we take the trash out to the garbage cans.

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