Just Call My Car Hit and Run

It’s not that I’m guilty of hitting and running… it’s actually quite the opposite. My car has been the victim of a hit and run quite a few times. It happened again today, this time there was something that was different.

Today started out as any normal day. I got to work around 8:15 and parked in the area I normally park at. It’s a small parking area right behind my building. Even though it is staff lot 7, students like to try and park there since they think it is somewhat hidden and won’t get a ticket. Compounding the parking problem we have, is they have closed off the portion of the Estabrook Road since they are doing construction on the new Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building. This probably causes a loss of about 50 parking spaces.

From 10:00-11:00, I was in a meeting for a project I am working on for Y-12. After I got done with the meeting and went back to my office I saw that I had a phonemail message waiting. I checked it and it was one of the ladies that works up in the main office. She said that while she and another lady that work’s up there was on their smoke break, they saw a car hit my car. He had tried to park up in the area but it was full. Instead of just backing down like most normal people would have done, he attempted to do a three point turn. (This area is on a very steep hill with a drop off on one side… making a three point is really more like a 5 point turn.) While making the turn, he hits my car. Once he is straightened out, they said he got out of his car to check on his car to see if it was OK, he doesn’t even check on mine. By this time the two ladies had already gotten his license plate number down. When they walked to check on my car, the guy must have finally seen them. They said the guy rushed back into his car and took off, spinning out a little since it rained a lot last night and this morning.

I went and checked on the car and it’s nothing like the big dent I have on the driver’s side of my car. I talked to the ladies upstairs to get a feel for just how well they saw it. They sounded pretty certain they got the license plate down right. They said they would be willing to tell the police what happened. Even though there wasn’t a whole lot of damage, since the guy hit and ran, I decided I would call in the police. Within 10 minutes, the police officer showed up and took down my information. He talked with the two witnesses and then gave me the information that I would need to file a report with my insurance company.

On a side note, when he was asking for information, driver’s license, vehicle registration, address, etc. I am lucky he didn’t ask for proof of insurance. Not that I don’t have insurance, but I discovered today that I don’t have my most recent insurance ID card in the vehicle. This is something I should have done back in September. Whoops!!!! I can at least print a temporary card that will be good until I find my real card or until I renew my policy soon. Should something else happen that needs me to show proof of insurance.

I’m going to wait until I see the report. If the license plate matches up, I will definitely file a claim with my insurance company. The guy deserves to get charged with hit and run. He should have left some information on my vehicle or when he saw the two ladies, fess up to them and ask if they knew who the vehicle belongs to. Instead the guy ran away. If he would have left information, I probably wouldn’t have asked for anything more than a replacement bumper sticker (~$5.00). Now this guy stands to get charged by the police with hit and run, his insurance deductible going up for repair work that I will get done or maybe a fine if he doesn’t have insurance. I’ll let my insurance company tell me what I should do when I file my claim. Hopefully he’ll learn his lesson to not run away if he hits something or somebody again.

And now for pictures of the damage. Just click on a picture to see it larger.
Hit and Run Image 1
Hit and Run Image 2
Hit and Run Image 3

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