contemporary art

The Nature shooting assignment is wide open for you to bring in any landscape/nature images. You are also welcome to develop an idea based on the Nature photographers that we discussed. The first three images you will see are Panoramas that I have created in the past. The first is […]

Contemporary Art Assignment 4

The plug-in I use for displaying the pictures direct from my gallery website has stopped working. Instead of trying to fix it for now, I am just deactivating it and linking to the main page of that particular album. 1) Compose and photograph a formulaic narrative composition – subject’s face […]

Contemporary Art Assignment 3

This assignment is a little broader than the first assignment. It was to emulate the style of one of the photographers we studied in street photography. At first I tried out street photography at night. Since I was in Gatlinburg for Winterfest, during the Kutless concert, Jon and I went […]

Contemporary Art Photography Assignment 2