The Cost of Renting

$4.95 x 102 months of service = $504.90
Purchase RCADCM245 in 2000 = $99.00

Well it finally happened. My cable modem bit the dust. It just wouldn’t stay connected. I could be watching something on YouTube, or downloading something and all of a sudden my connection would freeze. This had been happening since last week. I finally got around to calling Knology to confirm that they weren’t doing anything to the data traffic. Once it was confirmed, the reality set in. It was time to replace my cable modem.

The downside of owning your own cable modem is that you have to do all the troubleshooting and are responsible for any repairs or replacement. Seeing that I didn’t have an internet connection it was kind of hard to locate the best deal on a modem so I kind of just settled for what was available. I found a Linksys CM100 for a reasonable price and came home and called Knology up to add it to my account. The new modem is DOCSIS 2.0 so I’m already seeing a little bit faster speed increase. The connection is stable, so that pretty much confirms that it was just the modem biting the dust.

So as long as $4.95*(12+x) is less than $99 + $70 + $cost to replace new modem after x months have past, then it’s still cheaper to buy.

Oh yeah… I’ve now officially been a homeowner for 1 year! Really, just looking for a way to update this blog.

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