Foi difícil escrever

It has been difficult to post.

The day´s are very full. I haven´t even had time to run to the art market to look for gifts. I´ll probably just run down there one day (hopefully there will be some time tomorrow or Friday) and get what I need. At night, I barely have time to check my email. I haven´t been able to check it at the school either.

Sorry… I´ll post when I get back to the US. For those of ya´ll that may be wondering… Wilson did arrive on Monday evening. We still don´t know anything about the return flights on Varig on Saturday though.

We Arrived

Well after a 12 hour layover in Soã Paulo and a very, very bumpy flight into João Pessoa, we arrived yesterday morning at 12:45. We each went to the different places we will be staying at and I can only assume, went to bed. I am at Ricardo and Sueneide´s house. They are a Brazilian family from the church. Sueneide doesn´t speak very much English, so I´m getting to learn more conversational Portuguese and not just phrases.

I´ll try to post later today when we get over to the church. I just wanted a quick post for those that are still waiting to hear if we got here safely. I haven´t heard if Wilson has made here or not. His flights on Varig had all gotten cancelled. Varig is a Brazilian airline that has gone bankrupt. Be praying for Joyce and Abbey´s return flights. Most of their´s are on Varig. Mike, Jennifer, and I have one on Varig from João Pessoa to Recife, but we should be able to get on a Tam or Gol flight since the plane will probably not be full.

Q: Will you be using another blog to blog the Brazil trip?

A: All of my Brazil posts will be right here on You already know the address and we’ll only be gone for a week, so why add another blog.

I have added another category though. The new category is named Brazil. I guess at some point I will add my other Brazil related posts to this category, but for now, I’ll start with just the Brazil related posts for this trip.

Bom viagem em uma semana!

In one week I will be boarding the plane to go to Brazil! Woohoo! I found out that Jennifer, Abbey, and Joyce will be staying at Joey’s house (Joey is Lori’s brother), Wilson and Me will be staying at Ricardo’s house, and Mike will be staying at Hunter and Lori’s. I can’t wait!

Woohoo! We have tickets!

It is confirmed now… I am going back to Brazil this summer! We bought our tickets yesterday. The price wasn’t insanely high, but the itenerary now includes a 12 hour layover in Sao Paulo on the way down and a 9 hour layover in Recife on the way back. More details to come later.