So many things to do, so little time. I still want to write about our EBF experience in Patos, post most of the pictures from the trip, and then another blog entry of lessons I (and my team members) hopefully have learned about how to travel. But before I do […]

Hold Tight, Gotta Find the Time

Monday through Thursday we did EBF in Joao Pessoa. We started out with 94 kids on Monday and ended up with 89 kids on Thursday. The other two days, we had between 80 and 90 kids. All in all, things went really well. Sheridan and Joyce helped out with the […]

EBF in Joao Pessoa

We have finally arrived in João Pessoa. We arrived really early on Sunday morning about 4:00 AM Brazil time (3:00 AM Eastern Time). Our original itinerary had us arriving at 1:30 AM on Saturday morning. We had left Knoxville on time but due to some storms in the DC area, […]

Marathon Flight Down

The Team (L-R): Jennifer Romine, Joyce Troxler, Wilson Davis, Justin Acuff, Mike Buckley, Abbey Troxler Well our trip started out on Friday the 23rd. I went over to Mike’s house and picked him up and we headed for Jennifer’s house. From there, her dad took the three of us to […]

Brazil EBF Trip