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April 9, 2017

Having a Secure Network is important

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If you have a secure network, not only will it filter out spyware, but it also adds layers of protection against any potential cyber attacks, including a ransomware attack.

In the event of an attack on your device, you would be asked to sign in to your iCloud account or Android device. It’s likely that your device will then be patched and you’d be back in business.

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While this makes sense, Apple could have made some changes to the iMessage standard and implemented a similar requirement in a more secure fashion.

However, the company doesn’t appear to want to take this approach and are instead focused on making iMessage a fully encrypted option.

In fact, the iOS 10 and OS X Yosemite add-on for Mail on Mac and iOS 10 for iOS 8 are both iOS 10 and OS X Yosemite only, meaning you cannot use iMessage if your phone is running either one.

However, this is where things get sticky and even the best encrypted messaging service in the world cannot stop some types of malware that are capable of harvesting information from the recipient.

Threat of targeted spam

Even if it did, it would still be nearly impossible for Apple to filter out all malware within the system.

Malware actors have become more sophisticated in recent years and you will see what we’re talking about on the following page.

So, for some cyber criminals who have successfully infected iMessage systems and are on the lookout for targeted messages to send to different users, iOS 10 would provide an easy way to send them their particular fix of spam.

Apple’s recent changes to their iMessage system were mostly about introducing iMessage spam filtering, however, the fact is, that this is only a small portion of what criminals are doing to target user with messages that they believe are spam.

That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure all your iMessage contacts are up-to-date, or if possible, switched over to an alternative chat app that is based on Tor.


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