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March 6, 2012

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the use of tactics to improve a sites visibility in search engine results.

It means getting a site into the public eye, in a way that it becomes a trusted resource that other people will be checking out.

It means making sure your site provides value and is user friendly, without having to work overtime for a high ranking.

At its core, SEO is the art of manipulating and controlling a search engine’s algorithms to put your site up in the first page of search results.

After all, most people just use Google to Google things, and Google is the search engine of choice for most of the world.

A great SEO strategy must support your site in its efforts to reach that top spot.

For example, your site will be less likely to rank high if you use terms and phrases which, in general, would not appear at the top of search results, so getting professional help for this could be a good option, here is a great post to read about the subject. 

I prefer to look at SEO as a game of positioning and controlling the flow of traffic, whether it be by improving the content, building up valuable content on your page, making sure your website ranks in Google or by providing great traffic and traffic growth strategies to help your site grow and take on that number one spot in Google.

In this guide we’ll go over a number of SEO ideas and strategies you might use to take on that first page of search results.

So, let’s start with the basic “how” of SEO.

The very basic structure of SEO, or content, and link building

I have to admit, when I first started to study SEO, the very basics of SEO made me feel a little bit confused and a little bit lost.

The basics of content and link building are very similar, even though they are not really considered one and the same.

Here are the four basic elements to every SEO strategy:

Structure Content Structure is the written, graphical or graphic elements you place on your site and blog. Content often comes in the form of articles, text, eBooks and other media such as video, audio, audio slideshows, websites, images and downloads. A content strategy, in short, is the way you structure your content so that visitors feel they are discovering useful and relevant information from you. Organize your content and publish content in such a way that it is easier for search engines to understand the type of content they are accessing on your site. Link Building Link building is the act of getting links to your site and linking to other pages and domains in order to get indexed in search engines and to increase traffic. This is another important aspect of SEO. You have to link to those pages in order for them to be indexed, so the way you are linking to them is important. You could make the links through backlinks, sponsored links, or your own domain. All of these options require lots of planning and coordination, so make sure you understand what makes all of them work for you and your business before you start to work on your link building strategies.

The following SEO strategies will explain how to build links to your site and give you an insight into how to optimize the structure of your site.

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