Fist Annual CSC Solid Rock

So tonight the First Annual Christian Student Center Solid Rock show finally took place.  It was originally scheduled for two weeks ago, but was postponed because of the wintry mix storm that hit that weekend.  This show was a fund raiser for the CSC’s Spring Break trip to Jacksonville, TX to do work at Elijah’s Retreat.  Unfortunately, I do not have any photos from it because tonight I relinquished the role of church photographer and took on my role as rhythm guitarist; a role I don’t often get to do at Laurel Church of Christ. I think after all was said and done, a little over $3,000 was raised. The show was similar to a talent show.  The talent included sword fighting, rubik’s cube solving, musical acts, and poem recitation among others.

I was part of the house band called “The What” aka “The Mark Smith Band”.  Mark Smith was on keys and vocals, Len Causey on vocals and acoustic guitar, John Truan on lead guitar, I was on rhythm guitar, Jason Payton on drums, Anna Caroline Causey on backing vocals, and Becca Payton on backing vocals.  We started out the show with a Motown classic “Reach Out (I’ll Be There)” and lead immediately to another Motown classic “Baby I Need Your Lovin'”.  Halfway through the show we did another set of songs that consisted of “Boondocks” and “Sweet Home Alabama”.  Unfortunately during this set the G-string of John’s guitar got de-tuned one and half steps so those songs sounded kinda rough sounding until he got the string tuned back up.  To close out the show we did “Born to Be Wild” and “Twist and Shout”.  “Twist and Shout” turned out to be really funny because a lot of the kids got up on the mini-stage and started twisting.

It was a fun night that raised a bit of money, but I am glad it is out of the way.  We had been preparing for it for several weeks.  As usual I keep a pretty busy schedule.  Finding time to practice was the hardest part.  We recorded it, so I might be able to get a hold of the recording and put up some videos, but I’m not sure about that.