Being a Part of the Problem

Normally when my gas tank sits in between a quarter and a half tank of gas, I just drive it for a few more days until it gets close to empty and then I fill up. But last night, the news agencies started reporting a gas shortage in Knoxville. They showed people that were waiting 5-6 cars back to get gas. So I got to thinking… I’m going to need gas in a few more days, why not top it off. So this morning, I went to Kroger and topped of my gas tank. The gas price wasn’t much higher than it was the day before. However, now they are reporting gas at over $4.50/gallon and expecting to go over $5.00/gallon before tonight.

So yes, I contributed to the mass hysteria involving gas supply in Knoxville which has caused gas prices to rise today. Truthfully, even though I live just on the edge of the Knoxville/Powell border, it’s not too far to ride a bicycle from. However, the main roads I would have to ride to get to work are not very bicycle friendly. In addition to drivers not being used to bicycles, there is just no shoulder room. Believe it or not, I felt safer riding in the road when I lived off Broadway than any of my current choices. Hopefully more expensive gas will mean fewer cars on the road thus making it safer for bicycles.

On my way home, it seems that the current price is $4.49/gallon. Needless to say, I’m glad I topped of my tank this morning when it was “just” $3.59/gallon.

Knoxville Gas Shortage $4.49/gallon
Knoxville Gas Shortage $4.49/gallon

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