Contemporary Art Assignment 4

The Nature shooting assignment is wide open for you to bring in any landscape/nature images. You are also welcome to develop an idea based on the Nature photographers that we discussed.

The first three images you will see are Panoramas that I have created in the past. The first is from the Brown’s cabin in North Carolina, the second is at the Grand Canyon, and the third is from Cataloochee. The next two are also from Cataloochee. The final two are from Norris Dam State Park. Unfortunately, this weekend isn’t the best weekend to do this assignment because of weather, but as you can see from the last two images, sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got.

Assignment 4

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Contemporary Art Assignment 3

The plug-in I use for displaying the pictures direct from my gallery website has stopped working. Instead of trying to fix it for now, I am just deactivating it and linking to the main page of that particular album.

1) Compose and photograph a formulaic narrative composition – subject’s face is hidden or turned away from the viewer.
2) Compose and photograph a closed narrative composition.
3) Compose and photograph an open narrative composition.

The order in which they appear isn’t exactly the same order of the assignment, so to clarify:
1-7 are the closed narratives. It is part of a series I call “Urban Legends, Myths, and Internet Hoaxes”.
8 and 9 are the formulaic narratives.
10 and 11 are the open narratives.

Assignment 3

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