Superbowl, Advertisements, and Blogroll

I had predicted that the Patriots would probably win. I’m really glad my prediction was wrong. I was pulling for the Giants last night. If you didn’t watch the game, the 4th quarter pretty much sums up what football is about. The play with Eli Manning escaping what should have been a sack and throwing it up for David Tyree was just absolutely amazing.

Since all the action was in the first quarter and the forth quarter, it really was up to the advertisers to keep the audience entertained. For me, they just didn’t come through. Several of us had gathered at Ed and Wendy’s to watch the game. The ad that had us all laughing the most and got my vote for favorite ad was the E*Trade baby with Bobo the Clown.

Finally, I’m going to go through and clean out my Blogroll. I have a feeling it will be much smaller. My main criteria will be if it looks like you are still using your blog or if you have abandoned it. If I remove ya and you start posting again, I’ll probably add ya back.