Gulf Coast Getaway 2008 or "Can You Believe This is a CoC Conference?"

I just got back from Gulf Coast Getaway in Panama City Beach, Florida. For the past couple of years I’ve been going down to work on the photography staff. This year, I got a last minute call that would increase the amount of responsibility. I love doing it, but I do miss out on some of the great things the speakers usually have to say. Luckily they record it, so I can listen to it later. I am going to be kind of busy over the next few weeks as I have over 1200 RAW images to sort through, edit, and convert in addition to other things that I have going on.

Anyways, this year the concert was by a group called Building 429. The crowd really got into it and so did they. They were a really nice group and down to earth. I’d heard of them before and knew a few of their songs, but after meeting them, I’d definitely consider buying their albums off iTunes in the near future. In an effort to update this often neglected but not forgotten about blog, I thought I’d post a picture from this weekend. If I were to give titles to my pictures I would probably call this one "Can You Believe This is a CoC Conference?" During the regular (A Capella) singing, I never saw so many hands lifted up.

Can You Believe This is a CoC Conference?

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