Why is it that … (Probably many more of these to come)

Removing the old sink faucet can take 2-3 hours, yet installing the new one, takes less than 10 minutes?

Actually…. I am not done removing the old faucet yet, but I know it won’t take me long to install the new one. Under the kitchen sink doesn’t have the best ventilation for working with Liquid Wrench. (Had to take a break, the fumes were just too much.) The bolts are now loose, so it will just take probably about 5 more minutes with a deep socket wrench and the old faucet will be free. Then I’ll just have to clean up the area a bit and put the new faucet (which shouldn’t leak) in.

Another recent project that I meant to get to when I first moved in was changing the locks. You never know who all previously had keys to the house. I opted to go for Kwikset locks with Smart Key. The advantage is that it is pretty easy for you to change the locks on your own if you have the key that it is currently keyed too. Yesterday, I discovered a disadvantage. It is possible for you to make it learn a key wrong. I had changed them all to one of the new keys and the last door I had to do was the knob on the front door. I think as it was learning it, the key slipped a little bit. This effectively set the tumblers for a key that I didn’t have. I couldn’t get the door to unlock. The original keys didn’t work for it either. Thankfully, Home Depot (i.e. the place were most of my left over money goes to) opens at 7:00 AM. I took it to the guy and he just gave me a new knob since I had my receipt and it was purchased within the last few days.

Well, I think I’ve gotten enough fresh air. Time to finish up this sink. Oh yeah… if you’ve read this far and you are interested in helping with MediaShout on Sunday Mornings at Laurel, you are desperately needed. You’ll probably notice this Sunday that we won’t have it because we have a lack of workers. (Currently just 2 of us and both of us are busy this weekend.)

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