2 Dead and ????? to Go

Sounds like a morbid title… I know, but the dead things are mice. After two years in the house, we’ve encountered a problem with mice. Thus far its nothing like the ordeal Meredith and Loraine had with mice. I think they came into the house back when they were doing work in the basement to replace the sewer pipe. The left a hole that was probably a good 10 inches in diameter open on the side of the house since they couldn’t finish it in one day. It’s my guess that they came in before the hole was closed off.

Since Jon and I will both be out of the house by the end of July, he wants to have new renters ready to move in by the first of August. Saturday a couple came over to look at the house. After remembering Meredith and Loraine’s ordeal with mice, I told them that rodents weren’t a problem at the house. They seemed pleased with the house and left. A couple of hours after they left, I bet you can guess what I saw. Sure enough, I was playing Zelda on Wii when I saw something running across the floor. I moved the couch back and saw that it was definitely a mouse. Apparently Jon had also seen one the weekend before while I was in Lynchburg. I went to the store and got some snap traps. For bait, I used some of the recalled peanut butter that I hadn’t thrown away.

Quick Set Snap TrapSunday morning came along and I checked the traps. The bait had been taken but none of the traps had gone off. After church, I went to the store and bought a different kind of snap trap. These are quick set traps. They are easier to bait (no risk to your fingers) and make disposal of the pest pretty easy. Based on how many times I set the thing off baiting it, things looked promising. Sunday evening after church I went around checking where I placed them. On two of them, the bait was gone but on the third one, there was a dead mouse. I threw it out to the road (for some cat or bird to get). I reset and baited the traps again and laid them out. Monday morning they were all still baited. Hopefully that meant that we only had one and the problem would go away… but based on the title, you already know that wasn’t the case. I got home from work on Monday and saw that on two of the traps, the bait had been taken but had not gone off. I baited them again and went to bed. This morning, all of the traps except one still had their bait. The exact same location where the first mouse was caught is also where the second mouse was caught. For those of ya’ll that know the house, that trap is sitting beside the love seat in the den near where the door that divides the den from the foyer to the bathroom and bedrooms. After disposing of mouse number 2, I put new bait in that trap and we’ll see what happens when I get home. Hopefully those are the only two and they didn’t reproduce.

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