Mowing the Yard Just Got Easier

Front Yard
Front Yard

A few weeks ago, I heard air bubbles coming up from the toilet. Jon and Heather had said they had heard it do that before. The next day as I was finishing doing laundry, I heard it again. It seems that whenever the water pump kicked in, the toilet would start to release the air bubble. A couple of weeks ago, I was doing laundry again. This time I was more observant of what was going on in the basement. This is when I discovered that some of the pipes were leaking. Actually, whenever we would do laundry, a couple of inches of water would gather at this spot near the leak. All of a sudden, it was starting to make sense why our water bill was a little bit higher than normal. Nothing crazy, but still about $10 more than normal. So I contacted our landlord to tell him about. He came and looked at it and saw the need for something to be done pretty soon.

Last week, he started getting quotes from plumbers to fix it. He really didn’t feel like working in a trench that would be 6 ½ feet deep. He had told us that on Monday, he would have one more guy coming to get a quote. When I arrived home on Monday evening, they had started working on it. Originally they thought they would finish up before I had gotten home, but things to not go so well. The markings for the location of the water line and sewer line were wrong. While digging, they ended up hitting the lines that they thought should have been a foot or two over. When they hit the water line, it had also damaged some of the plumbing that existed in the basement. So when I arrived home, they was no water or sewage service. They said they would work until the sun went down, but it would still take a few hours of work on Tuesday to get the water and sewage turned back on. I tried getting in touch with Joey to see if I could stay the night at the CSC. I tried reaching him at his apartment, the CSC, and his work, but couldn’t reach him. As you may already be aware, he doesn’t have cell phone. Next I called the Buckley’s and actually got in touch with them. They said I could stay at their house for the night. It helped since I had to go to Y-12 on Tuesday.

They had finished working and had the water and sewage turned back on when I got home on Tuesday evening. They had said that an inspector would need to come by before they could fill up the trenches in the front yard. Finally on Thursday, the trenches were filled back in. By the time I got home on Thursday, it was raining so I didn’t feel like getting another snap shop of just how little grass we now have. Basically, all we have to mow is the back yard and the side yard. Not that we really ever had that much grass to mow (unlike Mellowood), but now it’ll take between 5-8 minutes to do all the lawn work at our house.

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