Nintendo WiiA couple of weekends ago, I rode with Ron and Trey Clark, Greg Bell, and Wendy Smith to figure out the 20+ mile bike ride that will happen on June 2nd. When we finished, I noticed that my tire was flat. I patched it up and it seemed fine. Yesterday, I did a longer version of the ride (Bearden Elementary to Forks of the River and back). At the end, the tire seemed fine. I came home today ready to do another ride and it was flat. Instead of patching it this time, I replaced the tube. This was my last tube, so I decided to go to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of spare tubes, since I like to aways have at least one tube with me and we are doing the Virginia Creeper Trail tomorrow. On a whim, I decided to see if they had any Wii’s in stock. This time, they had 5 in stock. So I picked one up. I had always been planning on getting on, I just could never find them at a store. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play the Wii, come on over. It’s a lot of fun. Warning: You will like and want to get one. Just ask any number of my friends who bought one but never get to play it because their wife is playing it.

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A "Wreck" of a Wedding

Wow, what a weekend. Friday, after some negotiations, an offer was accepted and I got a contract on the house. Then on Sunday, Rachel (the oldest of my 2 younger sisters) got married. In typical fashion, my mom overdid it, but it looked really nice.

Lowry HouseThe wedding was held at the Historic Lowry House in Huntsville, AL. It’s in a neighborhood kind of similar to North Knoxville. There are some historic houses that kept up, but they are mostly surrounded by individuals that seem to have the only goal of being a menace to society. This became real evident on Saturday night at the rehearsal dinner. At the house next to the Lowry House, whenever they would leave, they had to peel out of their driveway. Naturally you being to wonder if they will do this during the wedding ceremony.

Well about an hour before the wedding was supposed to start, one of the menace to society that was mentioned above decided he would try and take a turn really fast. This is your typical + intersection. Anyways, so the guy lost control of his car and it comes crashing into a ditch in front of the Lowry House. Since it was just him involved, he didn’t want to call the cops to report it, but since it did damage to the Lowry House property, the owners of the Lowry House did call the cops. I’m not sure what the guy got cited for, but he wasn’t carried away by the cops. His car was totaled. About thirty minutes before the wedding was supposed to start, a tow-truck finally arrived and was able to remove the car. In the wedding, I was to serve as an usher. Since the best man was already going to be up front with Bryan, I had to escort my youngest sister Katie, since she was the Maid of Honor. The ceremony went off good, with the exception that the parent’s candles wouldn’t stay lit because of the wind. Rachel and Bryan just had to pretend that they were lighting the unity candle.

Salt, Bread, and WineThe reception was held at Terranova’s, a restaurant that is co-owned by Aunt and Uncle. I had never been there until Friday night and was surprised at how nice it looked and how good the food was. If you’re ever in the Huntsville/Madison area, you should check it out… anyways back to the reception. It was done in a traditional Polish style. Why Polish you ask? Well my mom’s side of the family descended from Polish immigrants. This picture is from the salt, bread, and wine ceremony. The sharing of the bread, salt and wine is an old Polish tradition. At the wedding reception, the parents of the bride and groom, greet the newly married couple with bread, which is lightly sprinkled with salt and a goblet of wine. With the bread, the parents are hoping that their children will never hunger or be in need. With the salt, they are reminding the couple that their life may be difficult at times, and they must learn to cope with life’s struggles. With the wine, they are hoping that the couple will never thirst and wish that they have a life of good health, and good cheer and share the company of many good friends.

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Fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions

You may remember one of my resolutions that I had this year was to buy a house with a garage. Up until a few weeks ago, the only thing I was doing to fulfill this resolution was checking the homes circulars you see as you exit the grocery store. Most of the homes listed in them were well out of my price range. When I found one that might be in my range, I’d call the number listed to set up a showing usually to find out that the house was pending a sell. Finally I decided the process would be a lot easier if I had a buyer’s agent. Kevin Ross, who goes to church at Laurel, had recently helped Philip and Leah G. find their house. Since he knows me (he has one boy in youth group and another one that will be in youth group in the fall), I figured he could best help me wade through the process of buying a first house.

HouseWell after looking at several houses, there were a couple that really stood out as being worthy of further consideration. Those two houses are in the exact same subdivision and have the exact same floor plan, so it came down to the external stuff. One house was at the end of the street, which would afford more privacy. The other house sits on a double lot, which affords more space to play. The house you see pictured, is the second house… the house I decided to make an offer on. I got a call last night from Kevin saying that they have countered my offer to a number that is on par with what the houses in the neighborhood are actually selling for. Hopefully, a contract will be in place before lunch time.

View of downtown KnoxvilleThis house is located in the Greenbrier Place Subdivision. This is at the very edge of the city. I was curious yesterday, so I decided to check Laurel’s directory to see if anybody lived near that area. Sure enough, I found a few people that live in that same subdivision. Andy and Rebecca F. and David and April W. This subdivision is really near were Pleasant Ridge and Schaad Road intersect. Now for that really important bit of information, the house is only 2 minutes away from a Super Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. The view is nice since it is located at the top of a hill. This picture is the view of downtown Knoxville. You could probably see the fireworks from this house.

Once the contract is written up and it has a successful home inspection and it passes the termite inspection and I close on the house, then I will start referring to it as my house. Based on how the talks went last night, I don’t think I am competing with anybody else, but I just won’t know until I have the contract.

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Joost Invites

Joost™ the best of tv and the internetFor those of you that follow technology and have heard of Joost, I’ve got invites to it. For those of ya’ll that don’t have a clue what I am talking about, here’s what Joost is. It is a program for watching TV over the internet. It is made by the same people that made Skype. It also acts similar to Skype. It is a peer-to-peer application. Peer-to-peer has kind of gotten a bad reputation because of programs like the original Napster, KaZaa, and Limewire. They are peer-to-peer applications that are used mostly for sharing music and movies. Currently the content on Joost is limited, but there is probably something you will like. My favorite channels so far are the National Geographic channels. Did I mention that it is free? All you need to have is a computer running Windows or an Intel-based Mac and a broadband connection. If you want an invite, leave me a comment with the email address of where to send it to. I will give out as many as I have.

National Geographic Channel

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