Ways to Raise Money

Honestly, teaching a class on other religious denominations is not only hard, it’s down right boring. So to give the kids a break (and myself), Wednesday night I went to class with absolutely nothing prepared. After announcements and a time of worship, I said lets go over to the Coffeehouse. Honestly, I was a little worried beforehand that class would end at 7:25 and I’d have to come up with 35 more minutes of stuff, because you can’t just let the kids run free.

This last weekend we went to the TAG Youth Camp in Lynchburg, TN for a spring retreat with the Snellville CoC, Broadway CoC, and Lone Oak CoC. The other three churches had buses. They varied in size from the 23 passenger mini-bus to the 48 seater standard bus. The standard bus looked more like a charter bus than a school bus. The kids got to ride these buses on the way to Perry’s parents house in Fayetteville.

So Wednesday night, after maybe like 10 minutes of talking about the retreat, they started talking about how great it would be if we had a bus. We don’t exactly have a really large group right now, so a 23 passenger bus would help out since we usually have to take two 15 passenger vans, often with neither van having more than 10 people. Plus, there are some safety issues concerning 15 passenger vans. So there are definitely some valid reasons behind spending some money to purchase a bus when the 15 passenger vans still seem to do. Anyways, so for the rest of the class, the kids were talking about what they were willing to do to raise money to purchase a bus. Some of the ideas are good and feasible to do. Others weren’t so feasible. Perhaps the funniest came from Josh S. inspired by Freda M. Freda was talking about some pruebred puppies they had. Josh suggested that the LYF group get into Pure Breeding puppies and selling them.

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