Luther, Calvin, Stone, and Campbell

Well tonight was the first lesson in denominations for the teens. Philip taught part one of a two part series on the history of the Church of Christ. Starting with Martin Luther, a little bit of Calvinism, and then onto Barton W. Stone, Thomas Campbell and Alexander Campbell. I think he’s gonna email me his notes, which I’ll make available here.

Tonight’s class was a little heavy on the history and even Philip admitted, might be a little boring, but its definitely good to know this stuff for next weeks class, which gets more into the Restoration movement, the split of 1906, and the current Unity Movement congregations like Laurel are a part of.

We’ve also determined the next few lessons after we finish up with the Restoration movement. In two weeks I’ll be starting a lesson (or two) on Baptists and then after that Matt will do a few lessons on Catholicism. By then, we’ll have a better feel of what the time frame for getting a new youth minister will be. We are interviewing one this weekend, so that’s one thing you blog readers can pray about.

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