Want a Free Car?

Abandoned Car
License Plate

1991 Dodge Shadow
Unsure of working condition
No keys
Really nasty interior

Sometime between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM on Saturday March 3, someone abandoned their car on our property. Since its very common for people to park near our house, I just figured it was some moron that decided to park their car on our property and it would be gone by Saturday evening. Well Saturday evening rolls around and it is still on our property. So we called the cops and surprisingly, they showed up in 10-15 minutes. I expected it to be longer since this is not an emergency. The cop inspects the car and runs the plate. It hasn’t been reported as stolen and since it was on our property, he was unable to tow it. He did say he would check in on it on Sunday… but as far as I know, he hasn’t.

Fast forward to today… it is still here. I’ve gained access 😉 to the car and as soon as my landlord shows up, we are going to push it off our property and onto the street. (Should have tried when Jon was home… oh well.) Maybe if we block the fire hydrant, the city can tow it and put it in a police impound lot where it belongs.

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