Maybe if Enough People Ask About It…

It will happen. Laurel is still wanting to redo the auditorium, but it looks like it might take as long to fund raise it as it has taken for us to hire a preacher. (Which by the way, the top candidate is coming February 4th in case you haven’t heard!) Laurel has a hard working bunch of folks that practice singing. Call them a praise team or vocal support team or whatever you want, their purpose is to edify us while singing praises to God. They’ve helped out with a number of different services with the exception of Sunday mornings. They’ve helped out with the LYF Group, Area Wides, at the CSC, the 1st Sunday Night Meetings, as well as the 5th Sunday Night singing. So why not on Sunday mornings? From what I know, the Elders have neither given the “Go ahead” with it nor have they said “Its a no go”. The only thing I know is that “We appreciate Mike Taylor and we want him to continue his great work among us, not focused on putting a great singing group before us, but continuing to develop ALL of us into a great singing group to worship together before God.”

I believe one of the greatest ways he will be able to develop ALL of us into a great singing group is to allow them on Sunday mornings as well. In fact, this might be the only time he is able to develop ALL of us. On Wednesdays, we are all split up in different classes. Same is true for Sunday during Bible Class. As for the 1st and 5th Sunday nights, attendance is much lower than say 2nd Service on Sunday morning. Second Service is the most optimal time for Mike Taylor and the praise team to accomplish the goal set forth by the Elders.

No doubt, there are still a few people that have issues with it. In general, the issues people have are:

  • a lack of authorization in scripture for a praise team
  • women are on it
  • they are for entertainment

The first and last one of those are pretty easy to tackle. The second one though, that requires a little more thought and analysis put into it. You say, how is lack of authorization easy to tackle? I say, show me the authorization for a song leader. When you are there to truly worship God, their purpose won’t be for entertainment. If you are seeking entertainment only, I could think of about a bazillion more entertaining places than church.

The second issue, is perhaps the toughest to tackle… especially if you’ve grown up Church of Christ. I probably don’t even need to quote 1 Timothy 2:12, you probably know it like you know Act 2:38 or Ephesians 5:19 or John 3:16, etc.

Does a singing group/song leader have authority over the congregation?
The song leader/singing group is simply following along with the rhythm, notes, and words written down by somebody else. Sure they might change things around musically, but is that the kind of authority that Paul was writing about in 1 Timothy? I don’t so. What do you think? Only the Elders have authority over the congregation.

Does a singing group/song leader teach to the congregation?
Again, he/she/they are simply following along with the rhythm, notes, and words written down by somebody else. Musically they might be teaching, but that’s not their intent. Would you go to church if you really wanted to learn how to sing or would you get yourself a vocal coach? How about lessons learned during singing? I think that’s one of the more interesting questions that get asked. If that’s the kind of teaching that Paul was talking about, it would seem songs that were written by a women should also not be sung. Yet, how many songs by Darlene Zschech, Twila Paris, or Fanny J. Crosby (just to name a few) do we sing?

Well anyways, the real point of this post was to tell you what Mike Taylor and I did last night. Since the potential preacher uses a CountryMan microphone, he wants to use ours. Well, since getting it, we really haven’t used it… especially upstairs. To see how it would work, we took the cart that we use in the gym up to the auditorium and plugged it into the sound system. It worked pretty good. This also brings up another interesting thing. We could use the same setup for the praise team. Where in the past we would say the auditorium doesn’t have the capabilities for them, we now can make it. Its also easier to hide than say the projector and looks better than say a big projection screen sitting on top of one of the “Holy of Holies”.