Missio Dei

Missio Dei was the theme of this year’s Gulf Coast Getaway. Crazy, this year marked the 10th time I was blessed to be able to go. One of the reoccurring themes this past weekend, was that if you let him, God will mess with you. On first reading that sounds kind of fiendish and sadistic doesn’t it? As long at it is God that is the one messing with you, you don’t have anything to worry about. The lessons by both Randy Harris and Rick Atchley were really good.
Group Shot
One of the things I enjoyed this last weekend was the concert by Aaron Shust. He’s got a lot of good songs. IF you don’t have his album already you should definitely buy it. With this being a conference that is associated with the “Churches of Christ”, there were visible signs that people were uncomfortable with him being there. Those signs were most evident during the songs that we would normally sing during church. If you don’t already know my stance, you can see some previous posts.
Aaron Shust in concert
Finally, one of the most spiritually uplifting things of the weekend is the X-Games. By spirit, I am referring to school spirit and not Holy Spirit. 😉 This year’s X-Games had two events. An obstacle course and the Tug-of-War. The obstacle course consisted of a crab walk, tortilla toss, wheel barrel race, bat spin, back peddle to a inflatable slide, and then go down the slide. In the past we have usually done pretty good in the Tug-of-War. This year we ended up winning the Tug-of-War. Because there were only two events and each were weighted equally, we ended up tying with Florida for first place. So the championship was shared between Florida and UT.