Monthly Archives: January 2007

There may be some downtime coming up in the next couple of weeks. I am moving my sites from one hosting account to another. The .com addresses are just temporary place holders for while the .net addresses are down.   For the time being, all my .net address should automatically redirect […]

Huh… Did the Address Change?

So that really cool picture that I took of Aaron Shust at Gulf Coast Getaway is being used on Aaron Shust’s official MySpace page (! Not only is it being used, it’s his main profile picture. Pretty cool eh?

My Pictures are Getting Used…

It will happen. Laurel is still wanting to redo the auditorium, but it looks like it might take as long to fund raise it as it has taken for us to hire a preacher. (Which by the way, the top candidate is coming February 4th in case you haven’t heard!) […]

Maybe if Enough People Ask About It…