Meeting at Laurel 11/05/06

Sorry, Mer, you were actually wrong. No PowerPoint/MediaShout didn’t mean round table discussions. Sunday night at Laurel, after we had the 30 minutes or so of singing we got down to business. There were a few main things that were talked about. (Ok, so I started writing this on Monday but didn’t get around to finishing it until Thursday.)

The first was the budget. This year, we are actually really close to the budget. We are about $8 below budget each week. So if 8 of you poor college students would just give $1, Laurel would start making their weekly budget. (How’s that for a guilt trip?) Instead of asking for people to increase their giving, they are asking that people give towards two funds that could really use money. Those are the China Fund and the Auditorium Renovation fund. The China Fund supports Sui Ka Ming and another guy working in Hong Kong. I can’t remember the number that was given, but it seems like it was down to $60,000. Yearly, that fund needs to be about $108,000 I believe was mentioned.

The second item was the preacher selection. We got a status update that didn’t really tell much other than the process is still on going. The attitude of the congregation seems to have changed now. There seems to be a greater number that enjoy the current way preaching is done and are “afraid” to get a pulpit preacher. I’ll say that from what I’ve seen, Laurel is in a weird spot on the Church of Christ spectrum. If you drew a line from left to right that represented ultra-liberal to ultra-conservative, we’d fall somewhere just a little left of the middle. This probably doesn’t help us in our church of Christ preacher selection. A greater majority or preachers probably tend to fall towards one end or the other.

Third item had to do with the auditorium and another church matter. We aren’t going to piece mill it. We are going to do it all at once. We’ll only do it when we have the money, and we’ve been encouraged to give money (earmarked) towards the auditorium renovation. The other matter that Anthony talked about was Laurel is about to select new / reaffirm old elders. Initially Laurel’s plan was to do this every 3 years. Well the last time they were gonna do it, was right after David Jackson left. They were advised that it would probably be too much for the church and to wait until the a preacher was hired and stability has returned. Well… Laurel still doesn’t have a preacher, but it has a surprising amount of stability. So they’ve decided to go ahead and start the elder selection process. During this process, we will be selecting new elders and reaffirming the old elders. The number of elders could increase or decrease. There is no set number of elders limit.