I know its been a while since I last posted. You’re probably also wondering why the heck this post is titled 5568, but that will come later. No doubt, some of ya’ll already know that number means or will figure it out pretty quick.

This last Sunday night I got to participate in a unique worship experience. Unique isn’t really the right word though, because worship like this happens all the time. Another word that came to mind, but also inadequate, was special. Shouldn’t our worship always be special? Unique fits a little better because it definitely wasn’t a worship service like we would have at the CSC or at Laurel.

After lunch with my Mom, sister Katie, and Aunt Ruth I went home and started working on the media for the Fifth Sunday Singing at Laurel. As usual, I was gong to be the person that runs it. While I was working on it, Meredith says she wants to go to Grace Baptist Church because they were doing a live recording for a DVD they are producing. She knew that Zach and I would probably enjoy it, so she invited us along. She also brought her Agape kid, Ashley. Before I could commit to going though, I had to finish up the media for the night and find somebody that could run it. Luckily, the Garton’s would be able to run it. I would just need to run by the church and set it up before meeting up at Mer’s place to head on over to Grace.

I liked that we got to worship and sing songs that we don’t get to sing in the church of Christ. The main reason we don’t get to sing these songs are basically because they either don’t work in an A Capella setting or no one has arranged it as a 4 part harmony song. If you are familiar with christian artists, the songs were either Chris Tomlin songs or Phillips, Craig & Dean songs. There were also a couple of traditional songs.

Coming up in a little over a week is All Campus Worship. For those of you CSC’ers/Laurelites that still read this blog, you should come to it. It is November 10th, from 7:00-10:00 at the John XXIII Catholic Center. A portion of the worship will be A Capella as well.
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