Fall Colors

This weekend, I headed over to Cataloochee with Michele. Cataloochee is an area in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that I haven’t explored much of. From what I saw, I would agree that the colors on the North Carolina side of the park were better than in the Tennessee side of the park. We started out by hiking Caldwell Fork and the Boogerman trail. After we finished hiking, we hung out some in Cataloochee Valley and waited for the elk to come out.
Fall Colors in Cataloochee


Last week, me and two other US citizens from our lab went to Washington, D.C. to do a URPR demo showcasing our work in Automatic Asset Monitoring, Robotics for Security, and with a Large Chamber Scanning Electron Microscope. We weren’t expecting it to be such a big deal. On Thursday, the director of NNSA came by to see what we were doing. Several high level DOE people also came by to see what it was about. Overall, everyone was pleased with what we are doing, so it was a successful trip.
URPR Demo Team

After arriving home late on Friday, I went to bed so I could leave early to head to the Brown’s cabin in North Carolina. I showed up just in time to help stack firewood. After that was done, we went to pick up walnuts that had fallen off the tree. By the time we had finished, the bed of the truck was almost three quarters full of walnuts. After dumping them at the cabin and eating lunch, we went down to the golf course Gary’s dad had designed to go fishing in the ponds there. Eddy and I were the only ones that caught a fish, though Michael’s pole did get a bite while he was away, but that fish ended up getting away. Zach eventually got impatient and had to use a net so he could say he caught a fish. We threw all the fish back, so don’t ask how the trout tasted.
View from Gary and Muriel Brown's Cabin

I left Sunday morning, just in time to arrive for worship at Laurel. After worship Hoss had asked if I was available to drive the van to Crossville later in the afternoon to take the kids to an area wide. The plan was to meet at the church at 3:30. About 3:00, I get a call from Hoss. He remembered the times were Central and not eastern, so we wouldn’t be getting back to Knoxville until after 10:00. We tried to come up with a Plan B. I suggested we go up to Look Rock. He had thought of going to World’s Fair Park. The kids ultimately decided on going to Look Rock. It was a great day to go yesterday. The visibility was the best I’ve seen it (100+ miles). The drive up was real pretty too. The leaves weren’t quite at peak, but there was enough colors that they will probably peak next week. 😉
View from Lock Rock Firetower

Things Everyone Should Do in DC

  • Parallel park a 15 passenger van at L’Enfant Plaza 😉
  • Bring radioactive material (Co-60 and Cs-137) past security without being questioned
  • Drive 12 miles to turn around, because “it’s not my gas”

Just a Quick Update

I am alive. Currently, I’m revamping the picture galleries for the CSC and Laurel. You may have noticed albums disappearing off the galleries. The new one will be better. More pictures that date even further back and full resolution for those that would like to print them. I hope to be done with the CSC one before the cookout. Also hoping to make it so that you can upload your own pictures and then an admin could put them in the appropriate album.

It’s been crazy at work the past few weeks getting ready for a couple of demos. I’ll be in Washington DC all next week. Call me if you want, I’ll answer if I can. Those that are going to Mississippi, be safe.