A Little Bit Creepy

I’ll update on the hike later. As a lot of ya’ll know, yesterday Facebook.com rolled out a couple of new features called News Feed and Mini-Feed. It has a lot of people upset, because it’s a stalker’s delight. I’m sure they got a LOT of complaints about it. To my surprise, they actually answered me back. Of course, mine wasn’t simply a complaint that I didn’t like it, but how there was an error in News Feeds that violate a Privacy Policy if that user has “Don’t show anyone on Facebook photos tagged of me” selected. Hopefully they get that fixed soon.

Edit – Got this email when I woke up this morning. Looks like facebook has better privacy controls now.


We are aware of the problem that you described. We hope to resolve this glitch as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks for using Facebook!

[Michael – Wed Sep 06 17:56:06 2006]: