Labor Day Hike

Every true Volunteer fan should, at some point in their life, hike up to Rocky Top. Why not go this Labor Day weekend with us? I will caution you though… this is not a hike that should be attempted by those that are terribly out of shape. It is a steep climb up to Rocky Top. If you are engaging in some moderate activity a couple of times a week, you can probably do this hike. Amy S, Bryan M, Russ B, Mark H, Mark W, and I did this hike back in 2002. We stopped at Spence Field instead of continuing on the last mile to Rocky Top. To get a good payoff for this hike, it is mandatory to continue onto Rocky Top.

In order to get some more mileage, I need to get Anthony Creek marked off. We had gone up Lead Cove then got on the Bote Mountain trail to get to the Appalachian trail. I’m not sure what the intended route is, but if Lead Cove is indeed the starting point, I’ll need someone to go with me up Anthony Creek… we can meet up with the others in the group were Bote Mountain and Anthony Creek intersect. Anthony Creek is probably the better trail to start out on anyways.