Long Overdue Update

Since its been a while since the last update, I figure I should probably update before Jon says something about it. This weekend, the youth group went to Louisville, KY to help out with a back to school fair for the church where Hoss’s dad preaches at. It is a small congregation of mostly older folks. So to pull something off like a back to school fair they need help. We left on Friday evening and arrived there late Friday night. The girls were gonna stay at the Ridgeway’s house and the guys stayed with another couple from the church. Saturday we went over to the church and helped set up. It was supposed to run from 11:00-3:00. Then the rains came. They came hard. Eventually we made it inside, where we at lunch and did some singing. The event was done by 1:30. We were a whole 2 hours ahead of schedule.

Sunday was the first day that the students come back and show up for the first time. I didn’t really get to see how many new students we had show up, because for the first time since I can remember, Laurel actually has a class for those that fit in between the demographics of college students and young families. We had 21 people in the class and I can think of a few people that weren’t there, so it should be a pretty decent sized class. We had a little bit of an embarrassment during the sermon on Sunday that really points out how desperately we need the new auditorium. Our current configuration and technology is not reliable enough for the stuff we want to do. There was very little the people running the sound and media could have done to prevent what happened. Sunday night, I got to meet a few more of the new undergraduates. It seems that they are all from out of state. Weird huh?