New Voting Machines

OK, so I really don’t want to turn this blog into a political blog. There are plenty of other blogs about that. Yesterday was the first time Knoxville had used new computerized voting machines. The place I voted at had 4 booths. The few times I have voted at this location, 4 seemed to be plenty.

After arriving home yesterday, I went out my back door to cross the street so I can vote. Its pretty convenient. What I didn’t expect, was that it would take almost 45 minutes for me to cast my vote. When I showed up, all the booths were full and I was the second person in line to register. I’ve noticed that the people that man the registration are a little slower and not very good at multitasking, so I’ve gotten used to that (this being my third or forth time to vote at this location since moving). It always seems to be because the address they have in the book, does not reflect your current address. Once, I just showed my drivers license (which has my old address on it). They wanted me to fill out new papers to vote or show something with my current address on it. Luckily I had my voter registration card to, so I got to avoid having to fill out more paperwork. Now I always carry my registration card. Anyways… back to yesterday. So after filling out the sheet to register to vote, I waited for about 15 minutes for the second booth to be free.

The ballot yesterday was a little bit longer, but not so long that some people were in the booths for over 30 minutes! I got the impression that most of the people in my area could not figure out the voting machines. There was only one person to give assistance. Two of the people that were in the booths when I arrived, were still voting when I left. There are lots of write in candidates, so I really could see people taking a little bit longer to vote, but still… over 45 minutes?

What did ya’ll think? Did ya’ll vote on the new machines yesterday?