Labor Day Hike

Every true Volunteer fan should, at some point in their life, hike up to Rocky Top. Why not go this Labor Day weekend with us? I will caution you though… this is not a hike that should be attempted by those that are terribly out of shape. It is a steep climb up to Rocky Top. If you are engaging in some moderate activity a couple of times a week, you can probably do this hike. Amy S, Bryan M, Russ B, Mark H, Mark W, and I did this hike back in 2002. We stopped at Spence Field instead of continuing on the last mile to Rocky Top. To get a good payoff for this hike, it is mandatory to continue onto Rocky Top.

In order to get some more mileage, I need to get Anthony Creek marked off. We had gone up Lead Cove then got on the Bote Mountain trail to get to the Appalachian trail. I’m not sure what the intended route is, but if Lead Cove is indeed the starting point, I’ll need someone to go with me up Anthony Creek… we can meet up with the others in the group were Bote Mountain and Anthony Creek intersect. Anthony Creek is probably the better trail to start out on anyways.

Long Overdue Update

Since its been a while since the last update, I figure I should probably update before Jon says something about it. This weekend, the youth group went to Louisville, KY to help out with a back to school fair for the church where Hoss’s dad preaches at. It is a small congregation of mostly older folks. So to pull something off like a back to school fair they need help. We left on Friday evening and arrived there late Friday night. The girls were gonna stay at the Ridgeway’s house and the guys stayed with another couple from the church. Saturday we went over to the church and helped set up. It was supposed to run from 11:00-3:00. Then the rains came. They came hard. Eventually we made it inside, where we at lunch and did some singing. The event was done by 1:30. We were a whole 2 hours ahead of schedule.

Sunday was the first day that the students come back and show up for the first time. I didn’t really get to see how many new students we had show up, because for the first time since I can remember, Laurel actually has a class for those that fit in between the demographics of college students and young families. We had 21 people in the class and I can think of a few people that weren’t there, so it should be a pretty decent sized class. We had a little bit of an embarrassment during the sermon on Sunday that really points out how desperately we need the new auditorium. Our current configuration and technology is not reliable enough for the stuff we want to do. There was very little the people running the sound and media could have done to prevent what happened. Sunday night, I got to meet a few more of the new undergraduates. It seems that they are all from out of state. Weird huh?

New Voting Machines

OK, so I really don’t want to turn this blog into a political blog. There are plenty of other blogs about that. Yesterday was the first time Knoxville had used new computerized voting machines. The place I voted at had 4 booths. The few times I have voted at this location, 4 seemed to be plenty.

After arriving home yesterday, I went out my back door to cross the street so I can vote. Its pretty convenient. What I didn’t expect, was that it would take almost 45 minutes for me to cast my vote. When I showed up, all the booths were full and I was the second person in line to register. I’ve noticed that the people that man the registration are a little slower and not very good at multitasking, so I’ve gotten used to that (this being my third or forth time to vote at this location since moving). It always seems to be because the address they have in the book, does not reflect your current address. Once, I just showed my drivers license (which has my old address on it). They wanted me to fill out new papers to vote or show something with my current address on it. Luckily I had my voter registration card to, so I got to avoid having to fill out more paperwork. Now I always carry my registration card. Anyways… back to yesterday. So after filling out the sheet to register to vote, I waited for about 15 minutes for the second booth to be free.

The ballot yesterday was a little bit longer, but not so long that some people were in the booths for over 30 minutes! I got the impression that most of the people in my area could not figure out the voting machines. There was only one person to give assistance. Two of the people that were in the booths when I arrived, were still voting when I left. There are lots of write in candidates, so I really could see people taking a little bit longer to vote, but still… over 45 minutes?

What did ya’ll think? Did ya’ll vote on the new machines yesterday?