Yes folks… It’s happened again

Another preacher candidate that Laurel was really interested in, has pulled his name out and taken a job elsewhere. This isn’t the first time this has happened. You may remember in the initial pool, the group had it down to two candidates. One of them accepted a position at another congregation and it was felt that the other guy wasn’t a good match for Laurel.

The committee has put in a lot of hard work, but have they perhaps put in too much hard work? With their continued involvement, are they being taken away from some other ministry where they could perhaps be more fruitful? Since the committee was initialed formed, I can think of a few members that have moved away from Knoxville. Some probably now attend a different church here in Knoxville (I’m not certain of this though). Also when people have been on something that long, they will tend to get burned out. I doubt there are very few people that have the same level of enthusiasm now that they did when the committee first started up. As the time keeps going on, those not on the committee will expect an even more exceptional find to come from this committee, but the reality usually is, that as time goes on, the members of the committee are ready for it to be over with, so they settle for less. Its an inverse proportionality. Since we haven’t hired a preacher yet, this is to be determined.

The old axiom still holds up… “The quickest way to slow something down is to put it through a committee.”