We Arrived

Well after a 12 hour layover in Soã Paulo and a very, very bumpy flight into João Pessoa, we arrived yesterday morning at 12:45. We each went to the different places we will be staying at and I can only assume, went to bed. I am at Ricardo and Sueneide´s house. They are a Brazilian family from the church. Sueneide doesn´t speak very much English, so I´m getting to learn more conversational Portuguese and not just phrases.

I´ll try to post later today when we get over to the church. I just wanted a quick post for those that are still waiting to hear if we got here safely. I haven´t heard if Wilson has made here or not. His flights on Varig had all gotten cancelled. Varig is a Brazilian airline that has gone bankrupt. Be praying for Joyce and Abbey´s return flights. Most of their´s are on Varig. Mike, Jennifer, and I have one on Varig from João Pessoa to Recife, but we should be able to get on a Tam or Gol flight since the plane will probably not be full.