Rachel’s Graduation

Me, Katie (youngest sister), and Rachel (younger sister) at Rachel's Graduation
This weekend I was in Memphis for my sister’s (Rachel) graduation from Med School. Since my parents were going to take two vehicles anyways, I figured I just go to their house and ride with them, since there would be room. It makes for a longer time in the car for me, but less driving that I actually have to do.

So we arrive at the hotel on Thursday. After we went over to Rachel’s for a little bit, we headed back to the hotel. My mom and dad had a parent’s dinner to go to, so we (me, my youngest sister Katie, my aunt, and my grandma) were left at the hotel to enjoy their dinner. It was chili and chips. I was OK with that, but others wanted to get something else. Since we were just a block from The Rendezvous, I took them there. Afterwards, they wanted to ride the trolley around, so we did that.

Friday morning we went to the Dean’s Convocation. I was looking around and all of a sudden I noticed Beth Jent. I went to high school and church with Beth (McCauley then), so I’m always really happy when I happen to see her. The convocation was a nice ceremony and was about the right length too.

Finally it was time for the Graduation. UTHSC held their graduation at the Mid-South Coliseum. The first thing that I noticed was that it seemed kinda dark. People would go into the bathrooms and say the lights were off. It was also kind of hot too. For a while they had some lights, but those would go off and then a few minutes later, they would come back on. Several people assumed they just had an inexperienced person working the house. They had no lights on stage. By the time they finished awarding all the professor fellowships and such, most of the lights were out and you couldn’t see anything. I was hoping to take some pictures, but even at ISO 3200 200m f/2.8 with a flash, it was hard to get anything. Things might have gone over a little bit better if they announced at the very beginning that the power was out and everything was running off of generators. We found out on the news later that the area near Mid-South Coliseum had lost power around 9:00 that morning and there was also a potential gas leak. Graduation was a complete disaster.

I’ll close with Knoxville needs to get a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Really, really, really good.