Quite Ironic Actually

Lately it seems I get around to actually posting a couple of days later than when I actually wanted to post.

Well on Sunday afternoon, a few of us went and saw Over the Hedge. Its a good movie that I recommend. Its got a really awesome soundtrack done by Ben Folds. The premise of the story is that a “family” (a turtle, a squirrel, a skunk, and two opossums) of animals have always gathered up food to store for the winter. Well over this last winter, a new housing development has been built, destroying much of the food sources these animals knew. Along comes this raccoon that teaches these animals about suburban people live and how they can get food.

Now for the irony. The movie theater we watched this at was at The Pinnacle 18, located in Turkey Creek. Probably the majority of the people reading this either have no clue what Turkey Creek is or have always known Turkey Creek to be a huge commercial area. It wasn’t too long ago that that whole area was nothing but wetlands. 22 acres of wetlands actually. You might expect to find wetlands like this in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida, but not Tennessee. Yet it was there.

So the movie kind of puts a new face on residential and commercial development.