There’s a First Time for Everything

Sometimes we just take things for granted. Things such as going to Chuck E. Cheese’s (or Showbiz Pizza or Pizza Time Theatre) as a kid. But what is one to do if they’ve never been and they are 23? Well that’s what friends are for. Joey secretly planned this graduation party for Loraine at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Well, the last time I had gone to Chuck E. Cheese’s it was actually called Showbiz Pizza. The place seemed much bigger when I was a kid. There was actually 8 of us total. We ended up ordering so that everyone had a drink, we had 3 large pizzas and 133 tokens. We all decided that we use the tokens to get tickets and put them together. All in all, we ended up with some 455 tickets. Loraine decided to get everyone a Pirate Eye patch and a couple of whoopee cushions.
Loraine at Chuck E. Cheese's