Hail Week

No, not the inaugural week when pledges are abused and tortured to see if they are worthy to become fraternity brothers, but referring to the fact that I got to drive in TWO hailstorms in less than one week. The first was on Sunday night. We were at church and noticed the approaching storm. The sky grew darker and the temperature was noticeably dropping, so we decided it was time to leave, but it was about 8 minutes too late. I was just barely on the on-ramp to I-40 when the ceiling just opened up and poured down rain and hail.

The second time was on Friday. Our Let’s Start Talking team had Go Weekend in Nashville. I had been watching the weather to see what it was like. I knew we were already going to be pushing it because Eric’s class didn’t get out until 5:30. I went ahead and called LST earlier in the day to say we would probably be late because of the storms. We left Knoxville around 5:45 and managed to make it to Crossville before we encountered the storms. There was a lot of hail that was dropped. There was so much in fact, that it looked like there was snow on the ground. Obviously we made it safely to Nashville and had a good weekend.