Woohoo! The Video Is Done

Sorry, I won’t post it up here until Sunday afternoon though. This is mainly so it can be viewed for the first time at the CSC. Its pretty good considering I really only spent 1 day on it. Don’t expect the quality of slideshows that I did back in 2001 or 2003. I had the luxury of about a month to work on those. The final version is 13 minutes and 10 seconds long. Its actually pretty short. In the effort to keep the video short, I cut out a lot of stuff. This way a lot of the pictures I was going to use, can now be used in the end of year slideshow. That is all I will reveal for now.

Some people have asked how they could help me out… Well here’s a way EVERYBODY can help out when it comes to these slideshows.

  1. Whenever you go to something, take pictures
  2. Make sure the Time and Date is set right on your digital camera
  3. Give your pictures to me, so I can put them up on the CSC Website