VA Creeper Trail Trip

Since my blog has a wider reach than the CSCLIFE listserv, I figured I should advertise here too. 🙂

On Good Friday (April 14), there is a group that is going up to Abingdon, VA to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail and have a Good Friday devo while we are there. For those that don’t know what the Virginia Creeper Trail is, it is an old railway line that has been converted into a Biking and Horse trail. (Mostly, its used for biking though.) The length of the trail is 34 miles. We will be taking a shuttle from Abingdon to the other end at Whitetop Station. The cost of this shuttle is only $9 (if we have 10 people going, $11 if fewer). If you need to rent a bike from them, it is an additional $9. We will eat lunch on the trail at a cafe, so you don’t need to pack a lunch. A helmet isn’t required on the trail, but it is highly RECOMMENDED. Last time we were up there, we saw some dude who busted his head. I didn’t see how it happened, but it would have been a lot worse if he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Abingdon is just a little over 2 hours from Knoxville. The shuttle will leave from the bike shop at 9:30 AM, so we probably need to be leaving Knoxville no later than 7:00 AM. This will probably be the hardest part of the trip. The first 17 miles from Whitetop Station to Damascus is a pretty easy downhill ride. I haven’t ridden the last 17 miles, but it should be a lot of fun too.

If you want to go on this trip, I need to know soon. This Thursday (April 6th), I need to call the place that runs the shuttle and give them a confirmed count on the number of people going. If you need to rent a bike from them, I would also need to know that too.