Monthly Archives: April 2006

This weekend I went as a Chaperon to the Youth Group Retreat. It was at the T.A.G Youth Camp in Metropolitan Lynchburg, TN. The theme of the Retreat was “Feel the Burn”. It was about how they/we can get on fire for God and stay on fire. We had about […]

Somebody Shot Me!

So it started off pretty normal. I left to go to Sears Optical (East Towne) to have a follow-up examination on my contact lenses so I could actually get my contact lens prescription. I also need to run by Wal-Mart to pick up a battery for my watch, so I […]

Some Lunch Break Excitement

Well this is the final group that went. The number was always changing somewhere between 9 and 11 people that wanted to go. The night before, it actually had dropped down to 8. Luckily it came back up to 9 and we got somewhat of a group rate. I want […]

Good Friday Trip

No, not the inaugural week when pledges are abused and tortured to see if they are worthy to become fraternity brothers, but referring to the fact that I got to drive in TWO hailstorms in less than one week. The first was on Sunday night. We were at church and […]

Hail Week