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March 14, 2006

Happy π Day

Filed under: General — Justin @ 1:04 pm

Yes, its true. Some of the folks that I encounter on a day to day basis, are well… to put nicely, a little weird. So today, somebody wished me a “Happy Ï€ Day!” I was like “What?”. Then he was like, “Think about it. What are the first few numbers of Ï€?” So I thought to myself. Oh yeah, I get it. 3.14159265358. So if you see this post today (3/14), let your inner geek out and wish somebody a Happy Ï€ Day and see what kind of reaction you get.

For those of you that are still lost, here’s the explanation. March 14 can be written as 3.14. The next three numbers would be 1:59. You could also include 26 seconds. The rest of the numbers don’t really matter too much since most people don’t really resolve time past seconds.

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