Todd’s Going to Jail

Todd Tarbett, the Campus Minister for the Christian Student Center will be hauled off to jail on April 5th. He must raise $1,000 to make bond or he stays in jail all day. He’s actually going to jail for a good cause, to help out the MDA.

A few years ago, I had to do this. It was fun, but it could have been a lot funner. You see, a cop was supposed to come pick me up between 11:30 and 12:30. It was also on a Wednesday, so I said I was going to be at the CSC. Well… the cop never showed up. After contacting my parole officer, I told them that I would be moving my location from the CSC to my office. He said he would be able to come by between 1:30 annd 3:00. Well I wait til about 3:00 and still no officer to take me to jail. It didn’t matter too much by then, I already had almost 2.5x my bail raised. On final contact with my parole officer, it was deteremined that they didn’t have enough officers to pick up everybody, so I had to drive my self to jail to turn in my bail money and pledges. Oh well, I got my picture taken.
Justin Acuff MDA