Just Some Famous Quotes

Living movements do not come of committees. Cardinal Newman

A committee is a thing which takes a week to do what one good man can do in an hour. Elbert Hubbard

I’ve searched all the parks in all the cities and found no statues of committees. G K Chesterton

A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours. Milton Berle

Committees have become so important nowadays that subcommittees have to be appointed to do the work. Laurence J. Peter

If we are to survive, we must have ideas, vision, and courage. These things are rarely produced by committees. Everything that matters in our intellectual and moral life begins with an individual confronting his own mind and conscience in a room by himself. Arthur Schlesinger, Jr

You can’t build a strong corporation with a lot of committees and a board that has to be consulted every turn. You have to be able to make decisions on your own. Rupert Murdoch

Much of the messy advertising you see on television today is the product of committees. Committees can criticize advertisements, but they should never be allowed to create them. David Ogilvy

A committee is organic rather than mechanical in its nature: it is not a structure but a plant. It takes root and grows, it flowers, wilts, and dies, scattering the seed from which other committees will bloom in their turn. C Northcote Parkinson

The State, that craving rookery of committees and subcommittees. V S Pritchett

The greatest things are accomplished by individual people, not by committees or companies. Fay Weldon

Any committee that is the slightest use is composed of people who are too busy to want to sit on it for a second longer than they have to. Katharine Whitehorn

Deliberative bodies become decreasingly effective after they pass five to eight members. C Northcote Parkinson

A collection of a hundred Great brains makes one big fathead. Carl Gustav Jung

A committee is a group of people who individually can do nothing, but who, as a group, can meet and decide that nothing can be done. Unknown