Which Way Would You Go?

Which way would you go?
The weather looked really bad today, but it turned out to be a great day to go hiking. This morning I was thinking of not going so I could work on the stuff for Worship on Sunday Morning (and evening). Friday the weather was really nice, but Saturday morning, it was raining. I ended up deciding to go, and I’m glad I did.

We hiked in the Big South Fork area. This is an area that I haven’t done much hiking in at all. So practically all the trails there are new trails for me. We started out at the parking lot at Leatherwood Ford. We went up the John Muir Trail to the O&W Railroad Bridge. It was a really easy hike of only 2.3 miles. All the way it was snowing, but it didn’t feel like it was all that cold. So after we got to the bridge we started to explore a little bit further. The trail head for Devil’s Den was real close and it had a marked distance of only .5 miles, so we decided to do it.

Well shortly after we get on the trail, we come up to the intersection pictured above. Now, it may be a little hard to see, but if you look close enough, you’ll see two trails. One goes up and the other stays about the same path. You know, this is sort of what I imagine Robert Frost talking about in his “Road Not Taken” poem. Both paths were worn equally about the same. However, in our case, we did travel both. There was no marking to say which way we should go. I guess we assumed with a name like Devil’s Den, the path to the left was the right one. We probably go a quarter mile and the trail just ends. We explored around to see if the trail picked up, but it didn’t. So we go back to the split and take the other way. We ended up hiking up to a waterfall. It turns out we never found Devil’s Den.