Winterfest: Rock Solid

This weekend I was up in Gatlinburg being a chaperon for our Youth Group at Winterfest. The theme of the weekend was Rock Solid. There were special performances by Bob Stromberg, Tait, and Lost and Found.

The sessions were really good. I really enjoyed the 1st session on Saturday. It was over the Archaeological evidence we have from Biblical times. You can imagine, if I found it interesting, just how many of our teens (and several other teens) found it. The speaker was a professor at Harding, so the way it was presented probably didn’t appeal to the teens. Hopefully they got Archaeological evidence exists.

I had to chaperon the 6th and 7th grade boys. Three of the four kids had their parents up there, so it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Boys will be boys though.

On Saturday, we had some snow come in which made things slick. The parking lot had ice patches along with some of the roads. We heard about Norm and Connie’s wreck after we got back from the long afternoon session on Saturday. Thankfully, they are alright. This cause some concern about us getting back. The roads had cleared up by Sunday. Apparently, some of our senior girls have not learned that its always best to use the bathroom before going on a trip. Like 15 minutes after we left Gatlinburg, they were asking me to stop for a bathroom break. ALL the adults were on my side, so they could whine all they wanted to, we weren’t going to stop. (We did end up stopping because the Gupton’s were going to meet us along Chapman Highway to pick up their kids… So the girls that wanted to go to the bathroom didn’t have to suffer the whole trip back.)