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Not too happy today. Woke up this morning to see that my car (along with a couple other cars on my street) had gotten egged. I’ve gotten almost all of it off without any damage, so it could have been worse. It better not have been any of the youth […]


This weekend I was up in Gatlinburg being a chaperon for our Youth Group at Winterfest. The theme of the weekend was Rock Solid. There were special performances by Bob Stromberg, Tait, and Lost and Found. The sessions were really good. I really enjoyed the 1st session on Saturday. It […]

Winterfest: Rock Solid

A full review of the album was not a requirement for getting a Pre-Release copy, so that is still to come. What was a requirement, was to answer these questions. Are these songs something you and your congregation could worship to? If so, Which songs stood out the most? If […]

Feedback on In the Company of Angels II

Caedmon’s Call In The Company of Angels II: The World Will Sing Great and Mighty Draw Me Nearer Sing His Love Rest Upon Us The Story The Fountain Be Merciful to Me I Surrender All We Give Thanks Fellowship Mercy of My God Through a special promotion for Worship Leaders, […]

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