The Holy Rollers

So that’s our team name. A few weeks ago, David Page (one of the research professors in our lab) sent out an email to see if anybody was interested in joining the UT Bowling League. The response was pretty good. There are 12 teams in the league and our lab is two of those teams. We are the Holy Rollers and the other team is the Electric Cowboys (since they are students and staff that work out at IRIS West).

It took a lot longer than I expected it to though. We started at 6:00 and it lasted until 8:45. This is going to happen every Monday. Next week I’ll learn to pack dinner because I was starving afterwards. If anybody out there wants to become an alternate for our team, there’s still an opportunity for you. As an alternate, you don’t have to pay anything (your fees are paid by the person you are subbing for), but you also don’t get to share in any of the prize money.