Snow Patrol

You too can join the snow patrol!

What is the snow patrol. The snow patrol is made up of an elite bunch of people ranging for the absolute beginner (me, green circle) to the most seasoned of veteran (Jethro Mac, double black diamond) skiers and snowboarders. So, if you’ve never been on the slopes anytime in your life, you may still qualify. There are a few more conditions that must be met before you can be absolutely certain that you qualify. First, you must have some spare cash set aside for recreational use only. We won’t be staying at some resort or anything like that, but you’ll still need money for rental (if you don’t have equipment ~about $17) and of course your lift ticket (~about $36). The second condition is, you will need to be ready to go during a weekday. This is because the rates are cheaper and the slopes are less crowded.

If you think you qualify, let me know. Within the next few weeks, if we see that there is new snow on Sugar or Beech Mountain and it is a weekday, we’ll head up and hit the slopes.